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Hi! My name is Courtney Zastrow, and I am an HR Professional by day with a passion for dog training! I have been training dogs for around 5 years. I currently have three dogs of my own, all of which are working dogs. I specialize in basic obedience and puppy training, and have personal experience with some dog sports. I love watching owners be proud of their progress with their pets and find the confidence to maintain everything they have learned with me. I also enjoy showing the world of dog sports to owners who have a passion for animals and enjoy the bond they have when working side by side with their best friend.

My golden retriever is 4 and currently has his junior hunter, and is working on his senior hunter title through AKC Hunt Tests. My black lab is 1 years old, and is working on completing his junior hunter title this summer. I train with them daily, and love watching each of them put new tasks together all while doing something they enjoy.

My third and final dog(for now) is a 10 month German Shepherd. I am participating in Schutzhund with him, and am excited about his current progress. His willingness to learn, and loyalty to me is unlike any other!

I have worked with many mentors and appreciate everything they have taught me. Their wealth of experience and knowledge allows me to learn something new everyday as I continue to train and work with them. I use what they have taught me to make sure I can provide the best training and education for you and your pet.

Classes offered
- One-on-one training -
- Puppy class for 6 months and younger -
- Basic obedience class -
- Intermediate obedience class -
- Drop in classes -
- Leash walking -

Courtney also offers more classes so if there's something you are interested in for further training, feel free to ask!

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